Compassionate Sea Counseling

Seattle-based mental health counseling and consultation services for intelligent, caring adults.

This is the office front door, for instructions see below.

We provide mental health services to adults in-person in our Ballard office or online to clients physically located in Washington State.

Individual Psychotherapy

It is our privilege to serve intelligent, caring individuals from many walks of life.

  • Person-focused Rogerian approach
  • Research-based therapy techniques – CBT, Solution-Focused, Gestalt, Psychodynamic
  • Health at Any Size outlook on health
  • Trauma-informed and Compassion Led

Individual Psychotherapy is billed at $140 per 50-minute session.

Free 15 Minute Consultations are Available for Prospective Clients

Half-sessions and 20 minute support phonecalls are available for established clients.

Individual Psychotherapy is sometimes partially reimbursed as an out-of-network expense by some insurance companies. We will happily look up your benefits to see if you can be reimbursed for your sessions.

Couples Counseling

We utilize the Gottman method with an asterix*, acknowledging that many of these skills work for many couples, and using our experience to pivot to other theories when needed.

  • Calm, warm, intelligent approach
  • Gottman Trained (Level 1)
  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Relationship Affirming

Couples Counseling is billed at $160 per 50-minute session.

Couples Counseling is rarely covered as an out-of-network insurance billing, but we’re happy to check to see if your benefits apply to these sessions.

Polycule/Choosen Family Counseling

We utilize the Gottman method, Family Systems Theory, and our experience and education around these subjects to help support non-traditional relationship structures.

  • BDSM and Kink Affirming
  • LGBT+ and Queer Affirming
  • Monogamy, Ethically Non-Monogamous, and Polyamory Affirming

Polycule/Choosen Family Counseling is billed at a rate of $140+$20 per client per 50-minute session. (So a group of 3 would be billed at $180, a group of 4 would be billed at $200)

Counseling to help a relationship is rarely covered as an out-of-network insurance billing, but we’re happy to check to see if your benefits apply to these sessions.

Our Staff

Ellen Ross Hodge (she/her)

Executive Director and Head Clinician

Psychotherapist – MA, LMHC (Washington #LH61185771)

Ellen is a therapist because she believes in therapy. Having sat on ‘both sides of the couch’, she knows that therapy can be challenging but also life-changing. She believes in creating a relaxed and rewarding experience for her clients.

Along with her education and training, Ellen draws deeply from her personal experiences as a caregiver, a creative, and a person who made her own path.


Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) – City University of Seattle – 2018

Bachelor of Arts – The Evergreen State College – 2006

Kelsey G. (she/her/they/them)

Office Assistant / Communications Lead

Kelsey has special training in supporting a busy office. In her spare time she studies modern American animation, such as Steven Universe and Owl House. She handles the majority our of emails, paperwork, and scheduling.

Katie G. (she/her)

Executive Assistant / Billing Lead

Katie has worked as a public school teacher and trained briefly as a counselor, but found her passion in helping people understand finances. She utilizes 4+ years of medical billing experience to help clients make sense of their out-of-network benefits.

Our Office

Our office is at:

5306 Ballard Ave NW


Seattle, WA 98107

  • We are within walking distance of several bus lines (D, 44, 40)
  • Bike Parking is plentiful
  • Car parking can be sparse – we advise you to leave some extra time to find a spot. We have the most luck up Ballard Ave in front of Skal or down 4 blocks in front of the street in in front of Barnacle – but it depends wildly based on time of day.
  • The front door is unlocked weekdays until 6pm, please use the callbox for evenings and weekends (under Ellen R. Hodge).
  • We’re on the third floor – left out of the elevator, first left, past the restrooms at the end of the hall.